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DUPE ALERT: Tiktok Offering Designer Fashion For Less by Chloe Fred

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Source: Be Seen Be Popular

Tiktok influences users’ daily lives whether it’s finding new cooking recipes, purchasing new items, or learning a new dance from Addison Rae. During quarantine, in particular, TikTok revolutionized fashion for many users. Whether it was a good or bad thing, people started dressing better and expanded their fashion sense from the basics. Users were influenced to buy biker shorts, oversized sweatshirts, and tye dye clothing. While they thought they were expanding their horizons users actually ended up at the same place, back to the basic clothing everyone has now. Tiktok offered fashion help to users while also offering cheap alternatives to expensive clothing. After watching thousands of tiktoks, most users could assume Shein, DHgate, and Amazon are the top three websites that sell almost perfect duplicates for a very low price.


Although there's much conversary regarding all three of these websites, they do provide great alternatives, especially for broke college students like us. Shein varies in items whether it’s tops, jeans, sunglasses, or even cosmetic products. Shein is known to sell great “going out” and “party” tops. While selling fashionable tops they also sell great accessories such as sunglasses and belts.Pictured below are some of my favorite Shein tops, accessories, their ridiculously cheap prices.

Source: Shein

DHgate The next website is DHgate, the best site to get fake designer products for an affordable price. Dhgate sells designer handbags, wallets, shoes, belts, and jewelry. While the products are fake, they look decently authentic for being at such a low value. I never had much experience with DHgate before using tik tok and have looked occasionally out of interest. On Tik Tok, the site is most known for their fake handbags and they're getting pretty popular. In order to avoid legal trouble, DHgate will provide pictures of the items without the designer name and monogram. Here are some examples:

Source: DHgate, user @louisbag_18

Source: DHgate, user @fashionzone01


The last website with the most products and best prices is the renowned Amazon. Amazon finds are definitely the most popular for duplicate products and savvy products on Tik Tok whether it’s kitchen supplies, clothing, or discount codes. Some of the best things I have discovered on Tik Tok from amazon include leggings, sunglasses, and jewelry.

Source: AMAZON

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