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Fashion TikTokers That Are Changing the Style Game by Rania Rizvi

Out of the seemingly infinite niches on TikTok, fashiontok has to be my favorite. Between the hottie models who can make a t-shirt and jeans look Fashion Week-worthy and the alt-baddies who seamlessly blend street style and punk-rock attitude into mainstream clothing, the creativity and ingenuity present on Fashion TikTok is unmatched.

With thousands of influencers within the niche, there is absolutely no shortage of brilliant content and icons with styles to die for. That being said, there are a few creators who I believe not only have quality content, but are effectively redefining the fashion game. Here are a few of them:

1. Nava Rose (@thenavarose)

With over 4.4 million followers and 129 million likes across her videos on the app, Filipino style icon Nava Rose is one of the most popular fashion TikTokers in the game, and for good reason.

The 30-year-old is known for her quirky personality, energetic styling videos, and stunning DIY videos, in which she transforms seemingly basic pieces into must-have staples. In fact, one of her most popular videos is a DIY transformation of a Louis Vuitton handbag into a fully functional two-piece outfit.

Between appearing on The Ellen Show and being mentioned in Vogue Magazine, Rose has established herself as a force to be reckoned with, both online and off.

Yet what makes Rose so iconic isn’t just her follower count or craftiness, but rather, her ingenuity and unabashed will to do things differently.

Unlike other creators who have a set signature and are definable by a few key outfit pieces, Rose rocks almost every style on her page –– from girly girl in frilly dresses and small handbags to Korean street-style punk adorned in chains and grit. Rose has proven that fashion is not only a way to express oneself, but that anyone can rock anything, no matter their budget or closet size.

2. Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm8)

Dubbed as “the best-dressed guy on TikTok” by Vogue Magazine, 19-year old Wisdom Kaye, has broken the internet several times with his killer sense of style and effortless demeanor.

Kaye is so good at looking good that even IMG Models Worldwide signed him earlier this year.

Kaye’s eye for color and his ability to combine silhouettes and patterns is iconic within itself. But just like Rose, the style icon is changing the game for POC creators and providing them spaces in the predominantly white-ruled fashion world that are desperately needed.

Additionally, as a Black male creator in the spotlight, Kaye also serves as a necessary reminder for his male audience members watching that they, too, can rock whatever styles or color they want while remaining true to their masculinity.

3. Milan Mathew (@milan.mathew)

Since going viral earlier this year for her outfit transformations, to Amine’s popular track “Caroline,” and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Girls In The Hood,” Houston-based Indian TikToker Milan Mathew is a rising star that is bringing much-needed South Asian representation into the fashion game.

While her follower base might be smaller than that of Kaye’s or Rose’s, Mathew has an impressive fanbase of over 680,000 followers and counting, and her videos pack just as much of a punch. Her ability to fuse traditional Indian pieces with modern, Western flair is simply immaculate and not to be ignored as we continue down the path of more globalized fashion trends.

Her dedication to remaining true to her Indian identity through clothing is beyond admirable, and a much-needed reminder for the South Asians in this country that our culture is also deserving of being expressed proudly.

As a South Asian woman myself, I am inspired by Mathew’s daring attitude and sexy takes on classic fits like the sari and the lengha skirt. South Asian women, in particular, are often presented in the media as meek, soft-spoken individuals with repressed sexualities and constantly seeking the approval of the token (white) man. Seeing empowered women like Mathew unapologetically reject this is not only refreshing, but groundbreaking.

4. Hamel Patel (@hamelpatel_)

Known for her breathtaking photoshoot layouts and classy desi-fusion style, fashion influencer Hamel Patel is another example of a powerful brown woman breaking down barriers in fashion.

Based in North Carolina, Patel has received millions of likes across her videos that effortlessly infuse style, class, and brilliant production. Like Mathew, Patel stays consistently true to her Indian roots, taking classic pieces and making them her own with edgy jewelry, colorful makeup, and amazing editing.

Patel’s ability to create cinematic experiences on TikTok is truly stunning and seeing her in the fashion media space is heartwarming as we, South Asian women in fashion, continue to break down the glass ceiling.

While all of these TikTokers have their own unique edge that sets them apart from the rest, if they have all proven one thing: Changing the game in fashion is not about follower count or how many likes you can get on a video, but rather, having a revolutionary attitude that dares to challenge the status quo.

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