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Fluid Fashion: Genderbending and the Rise of Femboys By Lauren Lake

Source: The Guardian

The clothes we put on our backs serve more purposes than mere warmth or utility. What we wear represents who we are and how we express our identities. Traditionally, we have been confined to the options of masculine or feminine clothing, but our society is becoming more accepting of gender fluidity. As we break free from the chains of labels, fluid fashion is becoming normalized and allows for a revolution of self-expression through mixing of the masculine, the feminine, and the in between.

Genderbending in fashion has become more popular and has inspired a movement of “Femboys” (so hot btw) across social media platforms, as well as gender fluid clothing lines in department stores like Nordstrom (really cute, I bought a holographic skirt from it). Femboys across the nation are taking over. And we are here for it! Gender nonconforming people slay their looks and give us all major fashion inspo, but they also liberate us from the gender binary.

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So, What Even is Genderbending?

Genderbending involves any person who defies or “bends” the typical gender roles. Many people might associate it with Drag Queens and Kings, and while the concept is similar, genderbending is different because it is more suitable for everyday street fashion. Although nonconforming fashion has been more popular in women's fashion throughout history, it can also be seen in many men's styles. From colonial America, to 70s and 80s rock-stars like David Bowie and Freddy Mercury, to today's stars like Harry Styles and Billy Porter, male nonconforming fashion has been around for centuries.

The concept of fluidity in fashion is not a new one, but rather an evolved one. While it is a fun, creative form of art, it’s important to recognize that fluid fashion normalizes and creates an accepting space for people who are gender-fluid, nonbinary, and transgender.

Femboy Revolution

TikTok has been the latest social media app to be popular amongst GenZ and Millennials. Users of the app participate in everything ranging from political information to fashion inspiration. The combination of social intelligence and creativity has emerged as a trend for men: the Femboy. Although this term originates from a derogatory word used throughout the 80s and 90s for feminine men, these men are embracing this term and proving that having feminine dress is definitely not a bad thing. They have abolished toxic masculinity and embraced their whole identities.

Many people may not see the cultural impact of femboys, or might write it off as insignificant, however it's anything but insignificant. For years, men have been taught to view femininity as a negative thing, but the Femboy Revolution is showing that men have had enough with the scrutiny of not being “man enough.”


They have taken over social media, and all of us are living for it. They have even sparked a trend called “Femboy Friday” where they post some HOT videos with their best look from the week. The revolution is making monumental changes, as evidenced by clothing lines making inclusive sizing for all bodies.

Source: Vogue

Slaying the Streets

As our society becomes more accepting of gender fluidity, gender fluid fashion has become increasingly popular, as it should. The most important rule about genderbending is that there are no rules! Anybody can partake in fluid fashion, regardless of how they identify. The goal of this inclusive style is to have fun with your identity and truly express yourself. If you want to wear men’s trousers with a bra top? Do it. A floral skirt and heels accompanied by a beard? Yes, please. In these next couple of pictures, you can see some pieces from gender inclusive brands to incorporate into your looks.

1. The Phluid Project is an online clothing company based in NYC which offers Gender-less graphic tees and other fun items. The Phluid Project prides itself and sourcing items from local queer artists and designers. Below are the Strut Pumps $99.00 and the Gender Bender Tee $20.00.


2. The Lonely Kids Club is a sustainable and ethical streetwear brand started in 2013. The creator offers many t-shirts, sweats, and numerous other graphics. Below are the Thanks I Hate It Faded Black Hoodie $69.00 and the Social Distancing Distancing Club Jacket $89.00.


3. The BP Be Proud Collection at Nordstrom debuted during this past year’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month. The collection offers really funky, fun pieces that range from t-shirts to bodycon dresses. Below are the Strapless Body-Con Minidress $39.00 and the Tie-Dye Mesh Turtleneck $23.40.

Source: Lookbook

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