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Ho Ho Ho for Winter Fashion By Tori Yeasky

While people may oppose the winter for various valid reasons, I think it is the best time for fashion. From big coats to cozy layers to chic comfortable clothing, in my eyes the winter is truly unmatched in terms of style. Some may complain that it’s “too cold” to step out in a little dress or crop top, but to this I say wear a cute coat and keep strutting! With that being said, here are some of my favorite fashion trends for this winter:

1. Puffer coats

via Instagram
Bella Hadid poses in Jean Paul Gaultier puffer coat

I have seen puffer coats everywhere leading into the winter and I’m not mad about it in the slightest. Even though they are not necessarily the most traditionally chic item out there, compared to a sexy full-length fur coat or leather jacket moment, I think they add a unique flair to street fashion while still maintaining a laid back vibe. I love the puffy, soft texture and material of puffer coats. They give off this certain bad bitch energy that can’t be matched. Plus, they are so comfy, light, and warm!

2. Neutral tones

via Instagram
Megan thee Stallion poses in Alejandro Mesh collection

Another trend that I love for this winter is neutral tones. While I do enjoy playing around with colors and patterns, I think the simplicity of a good neutral tone is so stunning and chic. They possess such an effortless beauty to them and make any outfit appear put together and flawless. Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate the beauty of miss Hot Girl Meg? She is giving us everything in this mesh dress with shades of brown, black, and white. Winter is most definitely where neutral tones permanently belong.

3. Comfy yet chic

Emma Chamberlain via Instagram

A lot of people tend to hate on Emma Chamberlain, but I think she does comfy yet chic fashion so well. She could throw on a random pair of pants and a t-shirt yet somehow turn it into an insta-worthy look. I really enjoy the sense of effortlessness of her fashion choices. Love her or hate her, I think Emma’s fashion and Instagram game is fire when it comes to her simple yet stylish looks.

4. Leather

Adut Akech poses in Alberta Ferretti jumpsuit

While I haven’t personally experimented a lot with leather in my own fashion, I love how it is being styled for this winter. Leather is so sleek and sexy, and works so well on any number of items including jackets, pants, bags, boots, the list goes on. I particularly love this cinched leather Alberta Ferretti jumpsuit on the queen herself, Adut Akech. I think she looks ethereal and fierce, as she always does, and the gold accents with the fur collar really bring this beautiful, chic leather look altogether.

5. Layering

via Burberry Instagram
Cynthia Arrebola poses in Burberry

Finally, the last winter trend I absolutely adore is layering. I love being able to style a cute turtleneck under my favorite oversized sweater or wear a vibrant long sleeve shirt under a sleek dress, like this Burberry model is doing. Layering adds a certain complexity to any outfit rather than just having one lone garment. Even though sometimes in the winter I step outside and dread the cold, the only thing that gets me through it is the thought of how cute I look in all of my layers.

All in all, I believe winter unlocks a whole new world of fashion, and that is why I consider it to be the most elite season for style. From the cozy yet chic puffer coat to the sexy and sleek leather jumpsuit winter fashion is the one to beat.

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