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HO HO OH NO! Holiday Movie Fashion Fails By Linit Freydenson

The holiday season is a time of peppermint mocha lattes, warm scarves, holiday lights, and, of course, everyone’s favorite holiday films. Whether young or old, everyone has their favorite holiday movie that they watch religiously from the day after Thanksgiving to New Years Day. Many families have holiday traditions like putting ornaments on the Christmas tree while wearing matching pj’s or decorating Christmas cookies and jamming out to Spotify’s Christmas Hits playlist. Regardless of what you do, Christmas is a magical time of year! So grab your reindeer mug, cardigan, and fuzzy socks, and get ready to read about some of the biggest holiday movie fashion fails!

First on our list is my personal favorite Christmas movie. Bridget Jones Diary (2001) stars Renee Zellweger as the titular character we can all relate to and, of course, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, the handsome beaus fighting for her affection. But one thing that stands out in all of our memories, not in a good way, is that atrocious Christmas jumper (sweater) worn by Mr. Darcy himself.

And no, I don’t mean this one...this is just to

get you “warmed up” for the true atrocity…

I’m talking about this green

moose trainwreck, red nose

and antlers included

I mean, I’m all for the fashionable “ugly Christmas” sweater, but Mr. Darcy for sure missed that memo, and what makes it that much more a failure is that it's not even a reindeer, but a moose!

Up next, we have America’s cult classic family Christmas movie, Home Alone! I must say we have many monumental fashion moments in this movie, especially from the small man himself. It takes hubris to pull off knit sweaters, corduroy pants, and dad sneakers, but Kevin McCallister does so with the utmost suave and sophistication. But we’re here to discuss fashion fails, so let's take a look at the film's titular crooks, Harry and Marv. They’re the devious duo who look like they just dumpster dove for their latest fits. Marv wears the unfortunate combo of a white t-shirt, unbuttoned collared shirt, sweater vest, and worn jacket. Essentially he’s going for the all-in-one look, which may be the latest dumpster craze but does not meet the standard of NYC chic. The best part of his look is the crowbar, which we can consider an accessory. Even Harry somehow looks more “put together” with his green sweater scarf.

Next, we have the animated remake of everyone’s favorite Dr. Seuss story: The Grinch. All I can say is get ready for a lot of green, far more than was featured in Green Eggs and Ham. In this film, the notoriously grumpy Grinch is voiced by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch, who can definitely pull off a good suit. But his voice isn’t enough to cover the trainwreck that is the Grinch’s monotone fuzzy sock bodysuit. Although comfortable, I wouldn’t classify it as fashion-forward. The real reason why he’s landed on this list is the lack of pants. After all, because of his disdain for Christmas, we all know he saved enough money NOT spent on Christmas pants, so he can most definitely invest in a good pair of trousers. I must give him props, though: his green skin tone does look great in red, a perfect Christmas color matchup.

Our final, festive, film fashion failure is from the infamous English film Love Actually. Along with its stellar cast, amazing intertwining stories, and Christmas soundtrack comes the hilarious fashion fails. The first will be of the amazingly talented Emma Thompson’s character and her Christmas cry in the bedroom. Emma Thompson will always be my queen, but her character’s fashion in this film is not it. She wore a red cardigan on top of a patterned black and white shirt paired with a long, shapeless pencil skirt. It's like she had the internal dilemma of “am I feeling comfortable or business casual?” To be honest, we got neither. But we do stan the amazing haircut, which lets her show off a range of funky earrings later in the film. And honestly, how glamorous would a character look when they find out their husband is cheating on them (RIP Alan Rickman).

Whether you agree with my festive fashion fails, or we can all agree these movies have brought many laughs to our living rooms, each character brings something unique, laughable, and heartfelt. For that, we can forgive them for their fashion fails. I hope this exploration of festive fashion has brought a smile to your face, and on behalf of the entire Routure team, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

IMAGE SOURCES: Pinterest, Diply, Slash Film, Flix 66, Reddit

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