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My Top Five Favorite Glossier Products (So Far...) by Tori Yeasky

Source// Glossier (Instagram)

Although the popular beauty and lifestyle brand Glossier was born in 2010, it has just risen to fame over the past couple of years. I found Glossier about three years ago, and I was first drawn to the chic aesthetic of the products. I loved the sleek, minimalist look of the packaging and was even more happy to find out that the products themselves were amazing. I love the emphasis on natural beauty and enjoy that the brand has a wide variety of products to offer. Fast forward three years later, and some would call me obsessed. Even though I haven’t yet gotten my hands on as many products as I would like, here are five of my favorites so far (not in order)!

Lip Gloss

Source// Glossier (Instagram)

How could I not start off with the lip gloss? It’s the glossiest. This product is a staple for me, and I never leave home without it. Even though lip gloss can be considered a basic product, and there are many different options on the market, Glossier definitely has one of the best formulas I have tried. It is super comfortable, long-wearing, moisturizing and maintains a lustrous shine that makes any look pop. The gloss has a $14 price tag and is available in four different shades: clear, holographic, red, and gold.

Boy Brow

Source// Glossier (Instagram)

I love the Glossier boy brow for its natural yet impactful look and easy application. It is so easy to just comb the pomade through my brows without the time commitment and hassle of other products; the wand is the perfect size, the wax doesn’t get clumpy or stiff, and the color maintains its opacity. In addition, the product holds its shape throughout the day, as well as conditions and moisturizes the brows. The boy brow retails for $16 and is available in five shades.

Original Pink Hoodie

Source// Glossier (Instagram)

In case you didn’t know, Glossier sells more than just makeup and skincare! They have a whole section of their website devoted to GlossiWEAR, their lifestyle and apparel line, and I absolutely adore the classic pink hoodie. I think it has definitely become a staple for the brand, and it has even been seen on celebrities like Timothee Chalamet. Not only is the trademark Glossier pink color so stunning and perfect, but the hoodie is so comfy and chic as well. I love it so much and I definitely support the hype surrounding it. The hoodie retails for $45 and is available in seven sizes.


Source// Glossier (Website)

This oil serum hybrid product provides the perfect dewy glow, and makes the skin look ethereally radiant and plump. I love the way this product just melts onto the skin, leaving behind the perfect trail of shine that isn’t uncomfortable or sticky. Like the other Glossier products, Futuredew is so easy to work with and provides an effortless complexity to any look. This product creates a natural, wet glow that can’t be compared to traditional highlighters.

Source// Glossier (Website)

Normally I don’t buy perfume without smelling it first, but I just had to get my hands on this scent. Not only is the bottle and packaging so visually appealing, but the transformative nature of the product really piqued my interest. This perfume is supposed “to adapt to your unique skin chemistry,” which creates an individual experience for each individual user like no other. In addition, the perfume is long-lasting, but not overpowering, and contains warm notes of musk, green iris root, and sparkling pink pepper among other scents. I truly love this perfume beyond words and I am always so excited to put it on every morning. Glossier You sells for $60.

Overall, these products are just a few of my many favorites, and I truly have enjoyed every single product that I have tried from Glossier so far. It was so difficult to pick just five of my favorites, but I love these products so much and they definitely deserve the hype! I look forward to trying new Glossier products and seeing where the brand goes in the future.

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