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NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2021 By: JoAnna Palumbo

The re-emergence of New York Fashion Week proved to be a celebration for all. After a year and a half since the previous NYFW, this year’s verified that New York fashion is coming back. This event - among the Met Gala, the US Open, and the return of Broadway - point towards the road to recovery from the COVID lockdown. The general vibe throughout the week was joy at the chance for fashion to no longer be virtual. Although there was a vaccine requirement to attend the events, there were mixed feelings about attendees being masked throughout the week. Largely, it was the celebrities attending who remained unmasked. For those who decided to wear a mask, it was more of an accessory than a safety precaution. Regardless, after almost a year and half socially distant and quarantined, most people agreed it felt respectable to be able to dress up again.

The trends of each designer varied throughout. Tory Burch’s show gleamed with sportswear from head to toe, many in the form of shirtdresses and athleisure. Brandon Maxwell embraced shorts and sweats in vibrant green and pink notes. Prabal Gurung and Coach sported lots of gingham that was blown into mega proportions. The bra top was one of the shining stars throughout the week; it was most notably featured in Michael Kors’ collection, which was adorned in silver sequins under a white tuxedo, then layered under lacy dresses and shoulder-baring necklines. Moschino carried out a very 1960s theme, with the models nicknamed as “baby ladies”. Moschino’s “baby ladies” paraded around in candy-colored miniskirts and gingham shirtdresses. Each model also carried a stuffed animal as well, whether it be a bunny, lamb, or duck. This line received many mixed reviews, as many critics perceived it as infantilization.

“Baby-lady” themed Moschino collection (By Landon Nordeman for the New York Times)

As NYFW coincided with September 11, it was impossible for the showrunners and attendees to dismiss this fateful day. Many designers included a moment of silence during their shows to honor the lives lost on 9/11. Thom Browne spoke from a microphone in the darkness while holding a moment of silence before unveiling his collection in three separate acts.

This year, the boundaries of fashion have been pushed in every which way. The times are changing and being redefined as embracing discomfort and inclusivity. Overall, this year was truly memorable for all involved in it.

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