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Protest Fashion: What You Wear Matters by Devon Williams

The art of fashion apparel allows us to express ourselves through words, colors, and design. We have the power to make change through the way we style ourselves, both through unification and through individuality.

Beyonce’s Black Panther Inspired Superbowl Costume

Source: Getty Images

The striking leather outfits and berets worn by Beyonce and her dancers caught eyes. These costumes are a tribute to the uniforms of the Black Panther Party. This iconic replication made a bold statement about black history awareness and black female empowerment.

Congresswomen Wear White to a State of the Union

Source: VOX

The sea of white business suits amongst the Democratic congresswomen section is a prominent visual. The color white was a famous symbol of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. These congresswomen sit in solidarity of a symbolic feminine color as a form of protesting female injustices.

Pop Culture Protest: Handmaid’s Tale Costume Reenactment

Source: Buro Images

The unmistakable, freakish outfits

worn by the Handmaid’s in the

Dystopian Hulu series The Handmaids Tale, have come to represent female resistance. These engulfing cloaks and shielding bonnets suppress female expression. This eerie replication strikes awareness for gender inequality.

Pride Colors Promote Inclusivity and Optimism

Pride collections released by Nike, Converse, and Burberry.

Pride collections released by Nike, Converse, and Burberry.

Source: Getty Images

Miley Cyrus wore vibrant LGBTQ+ colors to The Voice to protest Donald Trump’s plans to defund federal arts and humanities and to continue to spread love.

Fashion activism is a crucial step in reaching social change. We hold power to express our beliefs and values through what we wear. Always be confident with your style and make your statement.

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