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The Rise of Pink in High Fashion

Written by: Mary Mcilvain

photo by Design and Culture by ED

For many 2000’s babies, the color pink is nostalgic of childhood. Hot pink spoke the

language of hyperfemininity, and brought to mind images of Sharpay Evans and Elle

Woods, of Barbie and the Bratz dolls. But how did we evolve from a color associated with

children’s toys and films to one that makes a statement on the runway two decades later?

Designer brands like Valentino may be to thank for more recent surges of the hot pink

craze in high fashion, after releasing collections featuring this bright hue. Pierpaolo Piccilo,

the creative director of Valentino, designed an entirely pink collection that was displayed

in the company’s Fall/Winter 2022-2023 show. The collection clearly demonstrates how

monochromatic looks can have just as much excitement as those with loud patterns. More

importantly, the show emphasized how this stereotypically feminine color is not gender

exclusive, but that anyone can slay in a hot pink fit.

In 2022 we simply cannot get enough

of hot pink, which means that pink

accessories are a must. Sneakerheads who are ready to undergo ‘bimbofication’ will be excited to learn that Balenciaga has released both their Triple S and Track.2 sneakers in this neon color. The brand also offers hot pink purses iconic enough to leave Paris Hilton saying “That’s hot”. The Balenciaga Hourglass Top Handle Bag and the Le Cagole Shoulder Bag are just two prime examples of this trend. Anyone who claims that pink and red clash has clearly never seen some of the most eye-catching hot pink moments on the red carpet. Countless celebrities have

sported pink from head to toe as a sure-

fire way to make an unforgettable statement. One of our favorite fuschia

looks comes from actor Colman Domingo

at the 93rd Academy Awards in a crystal

embroidered suit designed by Versace.

The pairing of gold buttons and rings

made for a classy but bold ensemble.


Actress Anya Taylor Joy has not only

mastered the Queen’s Gambit, she also

looked like a queen at the premiere of her

film Last Night in Soho in September.

The Dior Haute Couture satin dress,

paired with a netted hat and a flowing

bow, is reminiscent of the 1960s if Barbie

was elected president.

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