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WAP or Wack? Ranking the Looks from Cardi and Meg’s New Music Video By: Tori Yeasky

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s music video for their hit song “WAP” from the song itself, to the choreography, and the makeup has undeniably slayed us all. It is safe to say that they ate and left no crumbs behind! What stood out to me the most were the killer looks scene after scene. While they were all sexy and fierce, some looks were more memorable to me than others. Here are my ranks of every look in the video from wack to WAP!

Kylie’s Cape Moment

Source: BallerAlert

In last place we have Ms. Kylie. While I do love this leopard pattern on her from the deep cut of the bodysuit, to the way that the accessories pull this look together, I have to rank her last purely because she became such a meme for this cameo. It’s the thousands of people petitioning to remove her from the video for me.

Rosalía and Mulatto

Source: Instagram//Cardi B

When these looks made their appearances, my jaw didn’t exactly drop. While I do love a latex moment and I think the colors suit them well, I’m not a fan of the cut on both of these pieces. Also, they are the most simple looks of the video. I will say that I definitely like Mulatto’s accessories and makeup more than Rosalía’s, but overall neither of the looks really blew me away.

Sukihana and Rubi Rose

Source: Instagram//Cardi B

Continuing on with the latex theme, I liked the subtle detailing in both of these outfits. Sukihana’s look boasts subtle stripes, a glittery harness, large hoops, and rhinestone baby hairs. Rubi’s look rocks metal grommets and chains, fiery shoulder pads, and a subtle face harness moment. Even though I like these looks much more than the previous ones, we’re still not at full WAP potential.

Splashes and Snakes

Source: Instagram//Megan Thee Stallion

Out of all of Cardi and Meg’s looks, these were my least favorite, however, I still do like them overall. While black latex and fishnets seem like a simple concept, I think the asymmetry of the fishnets and the knee pads amplify the look. The contrast between the latex and water really makes the look stand out. As for the snake scene, I really like the construction of the snakeskin bodysuits, the texture, and the neutral tones.

Pink Lemonade Realness

Source: Instagram//Cardi B

Now we’re finally getting into the real WAP moments! As the opening look of the video, Cardi and Meg served right away with matching off-the-shoulder bodysuits. Between the contrast of the vibrant colors, the feather glove detailing, the flowing train, and the updo, this look is everything. The cohesiveness between the two and the overall design make this look unforgettable.

Animal Print Extravaganza

Cardi B via Instagram (left), Megan Thee Stallion via Instagram (right)

In my opinion, animal print can easily become overwhelming but Cardi and Meg did it so right. My favorite aspect about this look is definitely the hair. Between Cardi’s chain link high ponytail and Meg’s zebra print ombre gray look, they’re both equally extra in their own ways. Not to mention I loved the bodysuits as well, especially Cardi’s boob cutout moment with matching gold and leopard pasties.

Normani’s 90s Fantasy

Source: Instagram//Normani

Now when Normani came on screen, she really made it her own damn video! The houndstooth pattern screams 90s chic, while the latex and tiny two-piece give it a sexy edge. I love the drama that the long jacket and knee-high strappy heels bring, but the beret and flipped out hairstyle pull the whole look together. This is such a show-stopping look and is honestly so close to being my favorite look.

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory But Make It Sexy

Source: Instagram//Cardi B

This look is iconic. I love the bold color combination of neon purple and green, the way this flows into the wigs as well, and the overall sexiness. The design and detail of the sheer Mugler corset bodysuits are so insanely eye catching and serve WAP energy for days. While I loved the opening pink and yellow moment, I feel like this look is the elevated, more striking moment of the whole video.

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